We want to please you and will do everything possible to ensure your enjoyment of our service. If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear from you – please call us or contact us via email. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day seven days a week, as a convenience to you.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Simply click on the question to view the answer.

A.: Our teams consist of 2-3 staff, one being a working Team Leader. We like to have at least 2 Team Leaders that know and understand your home, but we do not have set teams as staff are granted vacation and personal days. The same staff arriving at your home regularly is the biggest factor for complacent work habits in a cleaning company, thus, why many customers look for another service due to consistency. Consistency comes from a well trained staff, morning team meetings about homes to be serviced, and the customer letting the office know areas of concern, pet peeves, and special care needed. It needs to be part of your permanent file. We suggest to call or send an email as it is easy for a Team Leader to forget in their day every concern that is mentioned while in the home.

A.: We always call/email you the day before your scheduled service to remind you of your service. We request your preference of 8 am service, or am or pm service. We will work within these parameters in a two hour window of time, so you are not waiting all day for your Image Maids service to arrive. We are very flexible with days and time preferences to work within your busy schedule.

A.: We welcome you to be home, get to know our service, inspect the home, point out areas of concern, pet peeves, etc., but we understand it is a busy world and that is why you have called a professional service. We ask that we know about pets in the home, alarm code, key placement, or garage code location and payment method. We have a security key system at the Image Maids office if you would like to secure a key at the office in our safe. Our Team Leader will do a quality inspection and secure the home at departure.

A.: There is never a contract to sign with Image Maids, but we request that you read our Service Agreement.

A.: Call, email, text, 24/7 our devises are answered during business hours and checked periodically after hours to accommodate our customers.

A.: You do not need to supply Image Maids with any supplies or equipment. Our staff is fully trained using our equipment and supplies. We use all quality, name brand supplies and will always be ready to go over the cleaning supplies with you.

A.: We prefer you to use our “tried and true” cleaning supplies and equipment. If you choose to use your own supplies and equipment please have available supplies for bath, kitchen, dusting and floors. We have a staff member in each area of the home, and they do not share, to provide for efficient time. If you like us to use your mops, we will need 3, 1 for the bath, the kitchen, and the common areas. Vacuums and other equipment and supplies we ask that you sign a disclaimer with Image Maids.

A.: We have an initial service rate by the hour, should you need a deep clean, commonly known as a “Spring Clean.” Many customers start with an initial clean if they have been cleaning their home, or the service they were using was not thorough enough. It is optimal to get an initial clean if the home has not been cleaned in awhile, as when you start maintenance services it will be great from the start. If you choose to start with maintenance care it will take several services to get your home caught up. Maintenance care is a set price for every service you choose, whether it be Deluxe, Basic, or Core.

A.: Image Maids accepts all major credit cards, cash, or check. Payments are due at the time of service.

A.: Yes, we do! We thank the referring customer with a $50 credit on their next service, once we have serviced the new customer.

A.: Image Maids will customize, work within your budget, and listen to your needs for your house cleaning service. Depending on the scope of service you desire, it could take a cleaning or two to get your home to the condition of optimal clean. The more we know about your special concerns, needs, and expectations, the better the service. We request good communication between the office, client, and Supervisor to achieve these goals.

We care about your special items and we will do everything possible to protect your property. Accidents can happen. For our mutual protection, please put away valuables and irreplaceable items.

A.: Image Maids comes to your home fully equipped and ready to go. Our team members know their equipment and are most efficient using that equipment. Please do not ask us to use your products or equipment. One exception, we will use your floor cleaner on hard surface floors if desired. If you do not want to use our polish on your furniture, please inform the office.

A.: We need ready access to your home during business hours of your scheduled service day. You may choose to hide a key, leave a door open, give us a garage code, or have a key in our key safe at the Image Maids office. Your information is always secure and private. Security checks are always performed at the completion of every service.

A.: We will schedule services to accommodate you. We offer one time, weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks, monthly, or as you need our services. We always provide a 2 hour estimated time of arrival. If you wish to skip or terminate your service for any reason, call our 24-hour number at least 12 hours in advance. There is a small fee to help pay the cost of labor and transportation should you forget to give reasonable notice of your request, or fail to provide the team access to your home.

A.: Please place your check or cash payment on the kitchen counter in plain view before our team arrives. This is our confirmation you want the service. There is a fee for returned checks. Credit cards are always accepted. Gift certificates available upon request. Tipping is never an obligation, but customers do tip from time to time. It is not necessary and is totally up to your discretion.

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