Image Maids understands the barage of companies offering services and how it can be difficult to decide what service works best for your lifestyle. As you prepare your search its best to consider what is most important to you.

It is good to know what areas you want cleaned in your home, and how often you need service for your home. Image Maids offers a Deluxe, Basic, and Core clean to meet the levels of cleaning in your home. We suggest alternating services to meet your budget. For example, your initial clean could be a Deluxe clean. Bi-weekly service it is suggested to do a Core clean or a Basic clean two times, then, alternate back to a Deluxe clean. You can always add services such as bed-making to the Core or Basic service.

You will want to identify how often you need a service. Weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, monthly, as needed, a deep clean, a move-in/move-out. You will note that some services only do maintenance cleans and not deep cleans, or only deep cleans. You want to identify what cleans the service provides and how many team members are sent to your home. You want to ask if a Supervisor is on the team.

Ask how the cleaning company keeps track of your instructions for your home. A company should have a file for every account and the more notes for your home, the better the customer care. Pet peeves, concerns, special areas of interest, always helps to achieve the optimal clean for you.

Always alert the cleaning service if you have marble floors, marble countertops. You want to alert the team of pets in the home, how you will identify rooms that are not to be cleaned, where you will have notes for the team, if you have an alarm code, where you will hide the key. Should you not like air freshener in your home, always let a service know this for allergy reasons. A cleaning service should ask and go over all these areas with you.

You want to check with cleaning companies about the equipment and supplies. Some ask that you supply the equipment and supplies. It is appropriate to ask about the equipment and supplies that are used in your home. If you have a special product or equipment that you want used, ask about this procedure.

Most cleaning services do not ask for a signed contact, but it is a good idea to ask about this. Many will have a service agreement for you to read over to better prepare yourself for the cleaning day.

You want to ask about how to reach the service after hours for an emergency skip or cancel of service, or to receive service the next day, should you need the service as quickly as possible. It is good to have an email on the cleaning service, to correspond during the busy times of your day.

It is important to ask about the cleaning service being insured and bonded. There are many reasons to ask this question for insurance liability while a service is on your property. It protects you, and that is important! Reputable cleaning services will be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance and bonding paperwork.

You may feel more comfortable asking a cleaning service for references. Again, a reputable cleaning service will not hesitate to do so. Online reviews are also a good source to review as you narrow down your cleaning service.

Most importantly, while budget is first and foremost, cheapest is not also the best avenue for any service. You want to know how many team members are cleaning your home, the time of cleaning they have based your home, and do they ask for permission for more time and educate you at the same time about the cost. You want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges, to be fair to each service company and educate yourself so you have the confidence that you have chosen the best company to fit your needs. Ask if the cleaning company will provide you of a confirmation email to document the conversation of pricing and expectations while in the home.

You want to understand that most cleaning services will provide an hourly fee with a time frame on the first service, and thereafter a flat maintenance fee for regular service. Again, with an educated customer and experienced Supervisor in your home, and the support of the office staff, this should be an easy accommodation.

We find that many customers understand it is best to be completely honest when speaking with a cleaning service, so there are not surprises at the time of cleaning on a new account. A cleaning service will ask many questions to make you aware of the cleaning details and how the time and price are calculated.

Experience is a must to know about the cleaning service, how long have they been in business and if you can find them on the Secretary of State website as a legitimate business.

Your home and the security of your home should be of the utmost importance to any cleaning service you should choose for your home and your family. How is your home key protected if the service has your key? How is your credit card protected, if on file at the cleaning service facility?

A check list is provided for you to review and compare as you make your way through the process of securing a cleaning service.

Carolyn Hardt

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